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The World of Water

Water is a liquid with wonderful characteristics that enter our house every day and at all times.

How much water do we consume?

The water that enters our home is measured using a device called a “WATER SUPPLY COUNTER”. It is located near the entrance to our house and it is through this device that all the water we consume passes. 

Whenever we open a faucet, there is a mechanism that is turned by the passage of water in the pipe that supplies our house.

There is a curious pointer that spins at great speed whenever a faucet is turned on. Then there are numbers that advance more slowly. 

The water we use is counted in cubic meters.

But how many litres of water do we use per day? Does a house where 5 people live to use more water than a house with 2 people?

That's what we're going to investigate.

To do so, we will write down the numbers that our counter indicates on a given date.

We let a few days pass and go back to writing down what our meter indicates. We have performed some calculations and will come to interesting conclusions.

Download a worksheet that allows you to analyze the average daily consumption per person, in a very interesting activity.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the data collected is strictly confidential, so this form must not be identified so that the privacy of this data is respected.

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