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#wind stories - story #1

7 tips


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We all like to give advices, about everything and about nothing, especially without anyone asking us.

As we go on vacation, it's worth sending in some advices for the upcoming school year.

by Eduardo Rui Alves

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Give the neurons time

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The challenge for any human being is to be more and more capable of perceiving what is happening around them. This is only possible if, over time, we acquire new knowledge that will allow us to perceive what is happening.

But each new learning corresponds to new connections that occur within the brain between various neurons. For there to be new connections between our brain cells, time is needed. It takes time to listen, time to read, time to observe. Also time to sleep, to relax, because without the proper rest we cannot progress through our lives.

TIP No. 2

Have alpha moments


New learning requires a great diversity of stimuli. One way to discover new subjects is to listen. When you see a movie, you watch a music or theater show, you hear and see. We are silent, focused on absorbing everything we witness. Also in a class it is important to listen, without distractions, to what someone is saying. These are the ALPHA moments. Because it's the first way we absorb information: seeing and listening.

TIP No. 3

Have beta moments


Another type of stimulus that needs to be provided to our neurons is to interact with others. Listening, but also intervening, questioning and trying to respond. In a group of 10 people or even more, the interaction between everyone can be very enriching. It's a debate, it's a conversation, it's an interaction. It's a BETA moment. Richer than just listening, BETA moments require great discipline not to become chaotic.

TIP No. 4

Have omega moments.


After listening in public, debating with a smaller group, it is essential to withdraw into the silence of our room. Read, write, just think. Take notes, consolidate everything that was heard and said. It's the OMEGA moments that will consolidate everything we've seen happen and ensure that everything stays in our memory.

TIP No. 5

Dive: don't stay on the surface.


With the omega moments it is possible to immerse yourself in the subjects. It's a waste of time to stay on the surface, not knowing anything. Sometimes we are arrested, we want to get out. Not worth it.

TIP No. 6

Get organized: everything in its place and each place for its own thing.


A machine only works if it has the parts in place. A car cannot run if it has its wheels on the roof. Therefore, both our personal belongings and school materials must always be in the right place. Even on a sheet of paper the notes need to be organized, otherwise we cannot review what we have already written.

​TIP No. 7

Do not fight the wind: lift your sails.


When the wind picks up, everything seems to blow up. There are those who are irritated by the strong wind. The truth is that if we are well protected and fortified, feeling the strong wind is a source of pleasure. Smart people use the wind to help them go where they want to go. Just know where you want to go. Sailors even know how to sail on the tack, which consists of sailing against the wind, in zigzags, going into the wind at the right angle.

© Eduardo Rui Alves - June.2021

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